Things by Cultured Code

May 26th, 2023|

Summary Cultured Code is a software development company that was founded in 2002 in Stuttgart, Germany. The company's goal is to create elegant and easy-to-use applications for individuals and businesses. Their flagship product, Things, is a popular task management application that helps users organize their to-do lists and tasks. Things was first released in 2008 and quickly gained popularity among Mac users. The app's simple and intuitive interface, along with its powerful features, made it a favorite among those who needed to manage their busy schedules. Over the years, Cultured Code has continued to improve Things with frequent

Grafton Pen by Everyman

April 28th, 2023|

Summary Everyman is a company that creates and sells everyday carry items with a focus on high quality and durability. Founded in 2014, Everyman has quickly established itself as a leading brand in the EDC space. Some of the products that Everyman sells include backpacks, notebooks, wallets, and

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