Automate Everything with IFTTT

Summary IFTTT, which stands for "If This Then That," is a web-based service that allows users to create automated tasks

Automate Everything with IFTTT2024-04-12T16:53:41-04:00

Password Management by 1Password

Summary 1Password is a password management company founded in 2005 by Dave Teare and Roustem Karimov. Natalia Karimov and Sara

Password Management by 1Password2024-04-12T16:49:04-04:00

Lower Your Score with Hole19

Hole19 provides a range of tools and features to help golfers improve their game and enhance their overall golfing experience.

Lower Your Score with Hole192023-08-04T15:39:22-04:00

Novo, a Business Banking Platform

Novo is a business banking platform that aims to simplify financial management for small businesses. It offers a range of banking services tailored specifically to the needs of startups and entrepreneurs. Novo provides features such as online banking, expense tracking, invoicing, and integration with popular accounting tools.

Novo, a Business Banking Platform2023-07-31T16:37:42-04:00

Spark Mail by Readdle

Summary Spark Mail is an email application developed by Readdle, a software development company based in Ukraine. Readdle was founded

Spark Mail by Readdle2023-06-02T17:38:42-04:00

Things by Cultured Code

Summary Cultured Code is a software development company that was founded in 2002 in Stuttgart, Germany. The company's goal is

Things by Cultured Code2023-05-26T14:28:46-04:00

Craft, The Future of Documents

Summary Craft Docs is a cloud-based document collaboration and editing tool offered by InVision, a digital product design platform that

Craft, The Future of Documents2023-05-05T16:13:15-04:00


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